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The Common Denominator of Successful Commercial Cleaning Services:

The most fundamental element to the success of a commercial cleaning service is focus. The ability to focus on the right things at the right time means the business is not confusing the urgent with what is really important to long term success.

When supervisors and managers are spending most of their time putting out fires and dealing with quality control problems there is a fundamental problem with the way they are running their business.

That flaw is usually found in their business philosophy.

Why Are They Really in Business?

Some Janitorial Services exist for the sole purpose of generating quick money for the owners. The more fast money the business generates, the better. If this is the case, then business decisions are made based on fast profit rather than on long term, sustainable results. Quality is often sacrificed to profit. When long term quality is sacrificed for a quick profit then ultimately the business will collapse due to poor reputation and lost clients.

Long Term Thinking

Commercial Cleaning success over a long period of time is the product of operating the business based on long term objectives and serving customers in a way where their expectations are not only met but exceeded.

When Building Maintenance Services take care of their clients then their clients continue to use their services and even refer others. This is the Biblical law of sowing and reaping.

This principle is also known as reciprocity. Regardless of what we call it we all know it works because of our own experiences.

It will either work for you or against you but it always works.

Myopic Thinking

This principle is ever present. If a Commercial Cleaning Service is constantly doing only what is in their own best interest at the expense of serving their customer, their customers will have little or no loyalty to them and the customers will eventually find a  Janitorial Service that will serve their needs unselfishly.

It Always Begins With Leadership!

It has been said that problems in a business start at the top with the leaders of the Commercial Cleaning Dallas Company and then spread and permeate through the whole organization. This is definitely true within the Commercial Cleaning Service industry.

It is the responsibility of leadership to define and communicate the mission, values and beliefs they want in their organization. Then they must be vigilant to make sure it is internalized and practiced as the organizational self image.

If they don’t spread the gospel so to speak, then their are no guiding philosophies. Staff will make decisions based upon their own philosophies or worse based on their own convenience.

Mission, Values & Beliefs

The right kind of thinking begins with a company mission statement along with the foundational values and beliefs that will guide the company’s operational pattern, policies and decisions.

CleanStart Janitorial Service has spent considerable time evolving its own company mission statement along with values statements and belief statements that form the company’s self-image.

Building The Team

Only personnel that can embrace the mission, values and belief statements and demonstrate their support through their actions are retained over time. Those personnel are better serviced by allowing them to find opportunities where there is a better match to their own personal philosophies.

You can be confident that with CleanStart as your Commercial Cleaning Service, guiding principles are in place. This will bring about levels of service and consistency you may never have experienced before.

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