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The 5 Most Expensive Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting a Building Maintenance Service

Many businesses go through several Building Maintenance Services each year trying to find one that will give them consistent, dependable, professional service.

It may be hard to believe but there really are many outstanding Janitorial Services to select from.

They may seem a bit difficult to find because there are so many poorly operated Building Maintenance Services always begging for business.

In order to quickly filter through the poor performing services you can look at the most common denominators of the great services.

The most common and the most expensive mistakes made in selecting a Building Maintenance Service are all linked to these common denominators. Once you know what to look for you will quickly avoid the most common selection mistakes.

The 5 Most Expensive Mistakes In Dallas Building Maintenance:

#1 Poorly Defined Cleaning Specifications

The cleaning specifications of great Commercial Cleaning services will give you a clue as to their level of systematization.

For cleaning specifications to be specific that must describe exactly what is to be done, how it is to be done and the tools and products that will be used.

The reason this is important is that variations in processes, tools and products cause variation in the end result.

Great companies are proud of their equipment, products and processes. They want you to know what they do and how they do it.

The Building Maintenance Services that have quality problems usually do not have highly defined specifications and you will see a lot of variation in their tools and processes among different crews and accounts.

CleanStart Janitorial uses the Clean-Fast Janitorial Cleaning System.

In the Clean-Fast Janitorial Cleaning System every process is highly defined including the products and tools used in each cleaning process.

This system produces more consistent and more professional results than those Building Maintenance companies that “play it by ear” so to speak.

#2 Selecting The Wrong Cleaning Personnel

It may be hard for some people to believe but there are a lot of folks that love to clean and get a big kick out of doing a great job. It’s true that most folks would much rather leave the cleaning to others and they see cleaning more as a dreaded chore than fun and fulfilling work.

They key to staffing a great cleaning system is to find people who like the work and are good at it. This means avoiding those that don’t like the work and who, by default, aren’t good at it and will always produce whatever they believe are the minimum standards.

Recruiting and staffing the right personnel is a very important element in the Clean-Fast Janitorial Cleaning System. For long term success positions must be staffed with the right people and the wrong people must be avoided and eliminated.

#3 Poor Quality Control

In many Janitorial Services quality control is virtually non-existent. A crew with little to no training, a hodge podge of cleaning products and tools will be dispatched and if no one calls in to complain the assumption is that the cleaning was excellent.

Practical experience shows that it is a safer bet to inspect what we expect to make sure what we are expecting is actually occurring. Assuming a good job just because no one complained is a bad policy.

It’s best to have a written quality control policy that defines expectations, standards and consequences if those standards are not met as well as inspection schedules for various situations. The Clean-Fast Janitorial Cleaning System includes just that.

This make quality control easy because most decisions regarding quality issues have been made in advance and the cleaners are crystal clear on expectations and consequences.

It’s only fair to make sure that cleaners know what a good job is, what a poor job is and the consequences for both. That way there are no misunderstandings down the line if corrective actions need to be taken.

#4 The Long Term Cleaning Contract

Many of the under performing Building Maintenance Services want you to sign a one year contract that automatically renews year after year. Then if you become dissatisfied with their service the contract is difficult to break without financial penalties.

They will have specific early termination clauses that insist that complaints be given in writing and that the Building Maintenance Service has 24 to 48 hours to correct each issue.

Recurring quality problems require recurring recurring written complaint. If the various occurrences are “cured” within the specified time then the contract remains in full force and no contractual reason would exist for early termination.

If you have an under performing Building Maintenance Service the last thing you want is to have to put every complaint in writing. It sounds unreasonable and it is, but you would be surprised how many companies get caught in this trap because they either didn’t read or didn’t understand the implications of the “small print”.

It is much safer to deal with a Building Maintenance Service that is willing to earn your business month by month with the service you receive. That way, if for any reason you conclude that your needs would be better served by a different Building Maintenance Service, you would simply give a 30 day notice and the agreement is terminated.

This means that you, as the client are the one in control of the relationship.

We are constantly talking with prospects who hate their  Office Cleaning Service but are “locked in” to a long term contract that requires them to jump through hoops at just the right time to keep the contract from automatically renewing.

Our policy of no long term contracts means that CleanStart Janitorial will continue to earn your business long after the service agreement begins.

#5 General Liability Insurance Loop Hole

This is one lesson you don’t want to learn the hard way. There is a clause in many general liability policies known as the “care and custody” clause. It states that everything that is in the care and custody of the cleaning personnel, when damage occurs, is not covered by the policy.

So, if a tile floor is damaged by cleaning personnel during the process of cleaning, the damage is not covered. We know of one instance where $50,000 of marble was damaged during a cleaning process and the insurance claim was denied on the bases of the Care and Custody” clause.

It is very easy but very important to make sure that the General Liability Policy of the Building Maintenance Service you select includes “care and custody”. With CleanStart Janitorial Service, you can rest assured that the proper general liability insurance is in place to protect your facility.

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