Janitorial Services

Full Service, Competitively Prices Janitorial Services You Can Depend On!

#1 Service:

CleanStart delivers the janitorial services your building needs… on schedule… just like clockwork. At the end of normal business hours, CleanStart goes to work. We get in, get the job done completely, and get out.

CleanStart offers a complete janitorial service, from general office cleaning and construction cleanup to special project cleaning and one time work, from carpet cleaning and hard surface refinishing to restroom sanitizing and disinfecting.

We do it all, and we do it right. And we do it without impacting your health or the environment.

With CleanStart your satisfaction is guaranteed! You only pay for services completed to your satisfaction.

#2 Communication:

When you need to talk to us we’re available. By phone or in your office.
Communication is vital. Even if you don’t contact us, we will contact you. You will also receive a faxable CleanStart Service Evaluation form every other month.

When every day is a test – we want to know that we passed.

#3 Technology:

Yes, high technology has come to building maintenance, and it’s as important as the air you breathe. Indoor air pollution causes far more illnesses than outdoor air pollution. Recent studies have associated indoor air quality with employee attendance and quality of work.

Super Filtration and Dust Control: Our high-filtration back pack vacuum cleaners pick up twice the soil as a commercial upright and they contain the dust inside a “micro-filter” bag, so your building gets progressively cleaner and healthier each month.

Allergens, molds and bacteria are reduced every time we clean. windows, carpets, hard surface floors and destroys odors while we clean. You and your staff enjoy a healthier, more toxic free environment and your bottom line improves with better attendance and productivity.

Restroom Safety: Tuberculosis and Hepatitis have been on the rise and, along with many other viruses and bacteria, can be spread through public restrooms.

The problem with disinfecting cleaners is they require a 10-minute dwell time on a pre-cleaned surface to achieve their disinfecting claims.

The solution to this problem is to clean the restroom with a sanitizing cleaner like H2Orange2 and then to spray all disease transfer points with a disinfectant that will remain on the surface.

We know of no other cleaning service that takes this much care guarding the health of their clients.

#4 Qualified Personnel:

When it comes to consistent, quality cleaning, people really do make the difference.

As a service business we are only as good as our people. That is why we put so much emphasis on recruiting, selecting and training only the very best.

For personnel to stay on the CleanStart team they must consistently perform well. High expectations, training, and professional follow-up make the difference!
The Next Step:  At your request CleanStart will prepare an itemized budget proposal designed around your building and its service requirements. With your approval, the CleanStart program begins.

Free Clean-Fast Janitorial Cleaning Demonstration and Proposal

Yes, I would like a Clean-Fast Tool Demonstration and Janitorial Services Proposal from CleanStart Janitorial Service, Inc.

I understand that with CleanStart Janitorial Service, Inc. I will only pay for work that is completed to my satisfaction and to my standards.

Cleaning Service GuaranteedWe have implemented this simple satisfaction guarantee: With CleanStart Janitorial Service, Inc. you only pay for services that are completed to your satisfaction. If there is a deficiency in the service you receive from CleanStart Janitorial Service, Inc, we want to know about it.

We will, of course, resolve the deficiency, but in addition to that we will never charge you for work that is not completed to your standards and to your complete satisfaction. That’s the CleanStart 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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