Office Cleaning TQM

Total Quality Management (TQM)

Why Is Systemization So Important?

Common Sense dictates that if cleaning personnel all performed their cleaning tasks the exact same way using the exact same tools and products then there would be very little difference in the quality of the cleaning from various crews.

There would be no variation in quality from one day to another. Every cleaning would be just as good as the day before.

The Cause of Poor Quality:

Variations in quality are caused when duties are not performed the exact same way with the exact same products and tools. The very opposite of systemization is massive variation in a process which causes massive variation in the result. Variations in processes are the enemy of Total Quality Management.

In every case where variation in a process is reduced or eliminated, consistency and quality improve. It is also true that when personnel who resist following the system are eliminated, quality control problems are reduced significantly.

The best way to select cleaning personnel is to recruit and test for personnel that will follow the rules and are team players. Here at CleanStart we use a multi-step process for staffing that is designed to find friendly, team players who will comply with our cleaning processes and systems.

How Do You Benefit With Systematized Office Cleaning Services?

#1 Consistency:

Most of the challenges that Janitorial Services have in keeping their customers happy have to do with consistency. The businesses that use Office Cleaning Services expect their offices to be cleaned well all of the time, not occasionally.

And they don’t want to have to complain in order to make that happen. Getting a good service every once in a while or only when they complain is frustrating.

When office cleaning processes are systematized, reducing variations in tools, products and process, then office cleaning quality becomes consistent. This would apply to all of the variables like cleaning processes, cleaning products, cleaning tools and even the sequence of the various cleaning processes that make up the system.

#2 Economy:

Once a process is brought in to “control” and output variations have been reduced to acceptable standards, the system can be systematically tested and improved for quality and consistency.

Over time this continuous re-engineering of the processes improves the system making it more efficient and economical. Over time many small improvements to the system will add up to big impressive improvements.

#3 Dependability:

When cleaning personnel are trained, evaluated and compensated based on system compliance, the output of the personnel become more dependable. Dependability and consistency are the result of reduced variation.

The system will be followed and incremental improvements are possible only when the focus is on system compliance at all levels.

If a single person gets away with unauthorized deviation from the system, then system compliance will deteriorate, leaving the system out of control. When strict system compliance is the focus then the system will remain consistent and dependable.

#4 Better Cleaning Personnel:

Personnel who will embrace the cleaning system are better at doing their job. They are more professional in their conduct and even their appearance. We have found, over time, that focusing on system compliance leads to less turnover and less HR work. Even the best cleaning system won’t work if the personnel do not believe in and strictly use the system.

#5 Quality Control:

For personnel to perform at high levels they need feedback on their performance. They need guidance and management. Otherwise they are operating blind, never knowing if their work is up to standard.

A great quality control policy serves the cleaning company personnel by clarifying standards and the consequences of non-compliance.

Once you have experienced the benefits of a systematized Commercial Cleaning company, you will never settle for anything else.

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