Green Cleaning

Here’s Why Green Cleaning Is So Important For Your Business and Staff!

CleanStart’s Green Cleaning Janitorial Service

        • Cost Less
        • Improves Attendance & Productivity
        • Better for Allergy & Asthma Victims

If your family or co-workers have been touched by cancer, asthma or allergies, you will appreciate the information below.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the American Lung Association (ALA) studies prove that standard cleaning procedures are dangerous to both your health and the well being of your business.

Why Even Use A Janitorial Service?

Janitorial Services are supposed to provide enough economic benefit from their service to at least pay for themselves or no prudent manager would choose to use a janitorial service. Their benefits should actually exceed their cost but instead, standard cleaning procedures are costing businesses far more than just the monthly bill.

3 Reasons:

Most companies use a cleaning service for 3 basic reasons. Image, Productivity and Health. These are sound reasons but the little known fact is that an office can look great (solves the image issue) but not be addressing specific health issues that effect attendance, productivity and the general well being of the staff.

The truth is almost all cleaning services aggravate and contribute to these health problems.

Allergic Reactions, often Misdiagnosed as Common Colds or the Flu effect Productivity and Output by up to 12%!

Syracuse, New York schools improved attendance by 11.7% (district average) and gained $2,513,250.00 in additional funding the first year after abandoning standard janitorial practices and implementing a “Clean for Health” program.

According to a study conducted by the City of Richmond, California the exclusive use of non-toxic cleaning products and procedures could boost employee productivity, cut absenteeism and promote the general well being of building occupants as well as reduce the use of hazardous materials by over 3,000 pounds.

This is 3,000 pounds of toxic waste that will not be added to our water supply or contribute to poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) which can be up to 100 times worse than outside air pollution.

Standard janitorial practices, products and procedures are damaging to health, productivity and your company’s bottom line profits. Your own health is at stake. No kidding! You owe it to yourself, your staff and your family to learn the frightening facts about standard janitorial practices.

Overly Dramatic? Not Even Close. This is just the Tip of the Iceberg!

3 Promises

If you will invite us into your office for a brief meeting, we will make you 3 promises.

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      • We promise to answer all of your questions about implementing what you learn without even using our service.

Please call today to schedule an appointment for a day and time that fits your schedule. The information is yours for the asking, and is definitely worth the asking. Our fourth promise is that you will be grateful for the information you will gain, and we always keep our promises.

PS: Invest only 15 minutes of your time and you will learn 3 keys you can implement immediately that will improve the productivity and health of your office staff and tremendously benefit your family as well.

Call today while it is fresh on your mind and we will also provide you a revealing free report, “Asthma, Allergies & Cancer Linked to Standard Janitorial Practices”.

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