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      • If you’re the kind of person who is consistently outworking the person next to you…
      • If you’re the kind of person that gets upset when your co-workers do inferior work…
      • If you’re frustrated by others taking short cuts that cheat clients out of services they are paying for…

Then this may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for where your high ethics, values and work standards will finally pay off!

Our Customers Come First!

Our customers likely have experienced more than a few cleaning services that started off with great quality but soon dropped their levels of service.

After too many complaints of sub-standard janitorial services, they began the process of selecting yet another office cleaning service.

They may have been through many janitorial services over the years and frankly, they’re tired of being told promises that are all too often broken resulting in poor service quality.

The Clean-Fast Janitorial Cleaning System

We’re committed to providing great service to our customers each time we clean. We deliver this through a proprietary cleaning system named The Clean-Fast Janitorial Cleaning System.

The “system” insists that all service processes are carried out with a very specific method, with a very specific set of tools and very specific cleaning products. Deviation from the Clean-Fast Janitorial Cleaning System is not allowed.

The Clean-Fast Janitorial  Cleaning System is a very efficient way of cleaning. This means that jobs are completed quickly with optimum quality.

Assembly Line Office Cleaning Jobs

The assembly line concept revolutionized manufacturing and the restaurant industry. Standardized, repeatable processes generate more efficiency as well as more consistency.

CleanStart Janitorial crews own and maintain their own equipment which must comply with our Clean-Fast Janitorial Cleaning specifications.

If you would like to learn more about The Clean-Fast Janitorial Cleaning System and the opportunity to serve our customers then we invite you to examine this web site thoroughly so you have a clear understanding of our services and standards.

After you have a clear idea of the services we provide, you are welcome to apply. Call (214) 452-7744 to request an application.

For Complete Information Call 214-452-7744.