Janitorial Services And Tools

Clean-Fast Tools Give Us These Advantages:

      • 35% Faster Dusting
      • 65% Faster Mopping
      • 100% Faster Vacuum/Spot Cleaning
      • 50% Faster Surface and Glass Cleaning
      • 10% Faster Janitorial Tool Belt System

 Better Tools. Better Cleaning.

35% Faster Dusting

Within the janitorial services industry, dusting is typically done with a lamb’s wool duster or a dusting cloth. These tools are used because they are very inexpensive and work better than the old fashion feather duster.

That said, the Clean-Fast Dusting Tool has many advantages over lamb’s wool dusters and dusting cloths.

      • With the Clean-Fast Dusting Tool, more than twice the area is dusted at a time with each swipe of the duster.
      • The Clean-Fast Dusting Tool cleans, captures and holds dust better than traditional dusting tools.
      • The Clean-Fast Dusting Tool easily fits on an extension pole for high dusting.
      • The Clean-Fast Dusting Tool bends to conform to hard to reach areas and surfaces.
      • The Clean-Fast Dusting Tool is flat so it fits into difficult to reach areas that can’t be reached with traditional dusting tools.
      • The Clean-Fast Dusting Tool is washable so it is easy to keep clean and working effectively.
      • The Clean-Fast Dusting Tool speeds up the dusting process by more than 35%.

65% Faster Mopping

Within the commercial cleaning  industry, mopping is typically accomplished with the traditional mop bucket, wringer and a string mop. There are many disadvantages to this system.

      • After mopping an area of floor the dirty mop is dipped back into the cleaning solution making the solution dirtier and dirtier with each dip.
      • The string mop heads are typically rinsed out and left to dry or left in a bucket of dirty solution. They are never laundered so they never get completely cleaned.
      • String mops can sour, mildew and smell bad.
      • The traditional string mop and mop bucket system cross contaminates various areas they are used in because they all share the same dirty cleaning solution. This can carry bacteria and pathogens from one area to another.
      • Mop buckets with wringers inevitably lead to mop bucket spills and accidents that take time to clean up and can damage surfaces like carpet that are not designed to get wet.
      • Clean-Fast Janitorial Cleaning Services use a new mopping technology that has many advantages over a string mop, mop bucket and wringer.
      • This new technology uses flat mopping pads that are pre-treated with just the right amount of cleaning solution to clean well without streaking.
      • When a pretreated mop pad becomes dry or dirty the pad is put into the laundry and replaced with a freshly laundered, mopping pad from a stack of pretreated mopping pads.

Here are a few of the advantages to using Clean-Fast Pretreated Mop Pads.

      • Each swing of the Clean-Fast mop covers more than twice the area of a normal string mop making the mopping process quicker and easier.
      • The Clean-Fast Mopping Pads have more surface cleaning area than traditional string mops. The extra surface cleaning area along with special dirt capture channels means each pass with the mop pad is more effective in cleaning than a traditional string mop, requiring fewer passes.
      • Each Clean-Fast mop pad is laundered after each use so there is no cross contamination between areas.
      • Each cleaning day begins with a container of freshly laundered, Clean-Fast pretreated mopping pads. This means no dirty, soured mop heads.
      • The Clean-Fast mopping system increases mopping productivity by more than 65%.
      • Time is saved by not having to fill and refill mop buckets prior to mopping.
      • With the Clean-Fast mopping system there are no mop bucket spills and accidents because there are no mop buckets full of cleaning solution to spill.

100% Faster Vacuum/Spot Cleaning

Back pack vacuums are more than twice as fast as upright vacuums yet surprisingly; upright vacuums are still widely used by many, f not most janitorial services. Here are a few advantages to back pack vacuums.

        • HEPA filtered back pack vacuums like the ones used by Clean-Fast Janitorial Cleaning Services remove dust that is often stirred up by typical commercial upright vacuums.
        • Clean-Fast Back Pack Vacuums have 300% more suction at the floor than a commercial upright vacuum.
        • Clean-Fast Back Pack Vacuums increase in productivity by up to 400%.
        • With the Clean-Fast Back Pack Vacuum System, detail tools are carried on the belt harness making hard to reach areas quick and easy to vacuum.
        • The Clean-Fast Back Pack Vacuum wand disconnects easily in the middle of the wand making the edging of carpet quicker and easier.
        • With the Clean-Fast Back Pack Vacuum System and the detail tools it is easy to vacuum AC vents and Air Returns.
        • The Clean-Fast Back Pack Vacuum System also includes a carpet spot cleaning system that makes spot cleaning carpet quick and easy.
        • Spot cleaning carpet is accomplished while vacuuming is being done and spots are first noticed.
        • The Clean-Fast Carpet Spot Cleaning System is a simple spray and brush system using a safe H2O2 based cleaning product.
        • The Clean-Fast Carpet Spot Cleaning System is highly effective on most of the carpet spots we encounter in commercial properties.
        • The Clean-Fast Carpet Spot Cleaning System is carried on the back pack vacuum belt.
        • Often the difference between a spot and a stain is simply how long it has been on the carpet.

50% Faster Surface and Glass Cleaning

Spray cleaning with a favorite spray cleaner and cloth is the standard for most janitorial services. The Clean-Fast Janitorial Surface Cleaning System uses special pre-treated microfiber cloths instead of spray and wiping.

Some advantages of the Clean-Fast Surface Cleaning System are:

        • The Clean-Fast Surface Cleaning System is faster than spray cleaning.
        • The Clean-Fast Surface Cleaning System is more effective than spray cleaning, requiring fewer passes to clean and shine.
        • The Clean-Fast Surface Cleaning System is easier than spray cleaning.
        • With the Clean-Fast Surface Cleaning System there is no spray bottle over spray.
        • With the Clean-Fast Surface Cleaning System no spray bottle failure, spills or refilling.
        • The Clean-Fast Surface Cleaning System is even faster on large areas where our Clean-Fast Speed Trowel can be used with our Clean-Fast pretreated cloth system.

10% Faster Tool Belt System

Within the office cleaning industry, cleaning tools and products are typically carried on a maid cart or a caddy attached to a trash barrel. This system dictates that every time a different tool or product is needed, a trip to the cart is required.

Clean-Fast Janitorial Cleaning Services includes the Clean-Fast Janitorial Tool Belt that is worn something like a carpenters tools belt.

Everything needed for office cleaning, restroom cleaning and break-room or kitchen cleaning is in or on the Clean-Fast Janitorial Tool Belt.

Here is a list of the tools that are available on the belt without having to walking back to the maid cart or trash bucket for tool or product retrieval.

        • Light duty pretreated cleaning cloths
        • Dry polish cloths for polishing shiny surfaces
        • Speed Trowel for cleaning large surfaces quickly
        • Heavy Duty Sanitizing pre-treated cloths.
        • White scrub pads
        • Green Scrub pad
        • Plastic putty knife
        • Razor scrapper
        • 12 inch squeegee

The Clean-Fast Janitorial Tool Belt System saves thousands of steps to the trash cart and increases productivity by more than 10%.